School News 2017-18

The past month has was a busy one at Scoil Naomh Fionán.  On Tuesday 27th February 4th, 5th and 6th class had a visit from Merck Sharpe Dohme as part of Engineers Week. The theme of the visit was Energy and Forces. The visit was very informative and the children learned a great deal. They were delighted with the treats provided by MSD.

On Ash Wednesday Canon Murphy visited the school and we had a lovely ceremony to mark the beginning of Lent.

Our school choir (Third – Sixth Class) was due to take part in Feis Maitiú on Fri 2nd March but Storm Emma had other ideas about that! The competition has been rescheduled for Friday 13th April.  We’d like to wish the boys and girls from 3rd-6th class the very best of luck in this competition.

Each year we are very lucky to be invited to participate in a St Patrick’s Day competition run by the Ancient Order of Hibernians in Louisville, Kentucky. Each year the jury chooses nine winners. There is always great excitement as the winners are revealed. Each winner receives a St Patrick’s T- Shirt and a framed version of their picture. The grand winner also receives a cash prize.

This year’s winners are:

Junior Infants: Seàn Collins,

Senior Infants: Hannah O’Driscoll,

First Class: Ollie McCarthy,

Second Class:Shannon O’Loughlin,

Third Class: Hannah Collins,

Fourth Class: Rebecca Darby,

Fifth Class: Caoimhe Hayden,

Sixth Class: Arwen O’Donoghue


Grand Prize winner:  Niamh McDonnell.


Ms Grace O’ Sullivan and Angela Fahy have been training camogie and hurling after school on Mondays. We are very grateful to Ms O’ Sullivan and Angela for giving up their time and helping the boys and girls prepare for the upcoming Sciath na Scol competition.

All classes are working very hard on the Discovery Primary Science Award. Each year we enter this competition which recognises the incredible STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) work going on in primary schools all over the country. The Award is a great way of involving everyone in science in the school. It’s great to see and hear the children delight in the various experiments they conduct regularly.

Ladybird Class :  Junior and Senior Infants had great fun designing pancakes for pancake Tuesday. They also created beautiful Mother’s Day  cards. In Science they learned about the effect moving air has on objects and in literacy they have been taking part in Station Teaching. They are really enjoying working with other teachers every day.

Butterfly Class: Mrs Smith’s class have been tasting new foods lately. They’ve had great fun tasting new fruits and vegetables. They have also been busy learning new playground games and creating beautiful art projects.

Koala Class: First class have been enjoying orienteering, Irish dancing  and they are currently ‘publishing’ their very own book of recipes and games.  They also made some fabulous Mother’s Day art.

Panda Class: Ms Randles’ Second and Third have been working very hard this term. Second Class has been very busy preparing for their First Confession. This ceremony took place on Wednesday 21st March. The children waited very patiently for this ceremony as it was cancelled due to the snow earlier in the month.  Third class finished their novel ‘Stanley’ recently. They thoroughly enjoyed it and are looking forward to exploring new genres later this year.

Tiger Class Ms O’ Sullivan’s Third and Fourth Class also finished their novel ‘Stanley’ recently.  They also entered the INTO handwriting competition and they are enjoying the Irish dancing lessons provided by Mr Fionán Cogan.

Cheetah Class – Miss O’Sullivan’s class moved in to their new classroom in the days before Christmas. When they came back after Christmas they helped their teachers and SNA’s design and decorate their new room. They are settling in very well and they love their new home! As well as creating beautiful art they have been working very hard in all curricular areas.

Lion Class – Mrs Dwyer’s Sixth class spent the start of this term busily preparing for entrance exams to their chosen secondary schools. This marks the first step of their journey towards secondary school. Some of the pupils visited their new school on a separate occasion to help with their transition.  Fifth and Sixth Class have also been very busy writing a very impressive selection of short stories.

We would like to congratulate all of the children from Scoil Naomh Fionán who took part in Fies Maitiú verse speaking this year Liam Matthews, Fourth Class came first in his category and Isabel McCarthy, Third Class and Sophie McCarthy, First Class came third in their categories. Well done to all who took part and thank you to Mrs O’ Neill for preparing the children.

There was great ‘eggcitement’ in school on Friday 23rd March for the annual Easter Raffle. We would like to thank the Parent Association for organising. Thanks especially to Frea McCarthy for organising the tickets and the prizes.

Ba mhaith linn beannachtaí na Cásca a ghuí oraibh go léir!

Book lists for 2017-2018

The book lists for the new school year are available to download @

 School Open Day 2017

The school hosted its open day on 14th June in the Tracton Arts and  Community Centre. As part of the event, each class put on a performance incorporating music, song and dance. Accompanied by our music teacher Mary McCague, the children sang beautifully on the day. Many thanks to all the parents that helped out and got involved with the cake sales. It was very much appreciated.

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 Oysterhaven: School Tour 2017

The pupils of Scoil Naomh Fionán had a fantastic day in Oysterhaven for their School Tour. They took part in a range of fun activities such as kayaking and orienteering. Many thanks to our Parents Association for treating everyone to a tasty barbecue afterwards. Here are some of the best photos taken from the day ...

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Drumming Lesson

The pupils of Scoil Naomh Fionán were treated to a lesson in percussion on the 24th March. They had great fun in creating some 'afrobeats'. It was a great opportunity for them to explore how beat tones can be made using different parts of the drum heads.

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The Seven Wonders of the World

The 5th and 6th classes completed projects on The Seven Wonders of the World! Both classes worked in groups and researched their chosen topic. We had great fun when presenting the projects as some groups dressed in the national dress codes of their chosen countries. The children also used resources collected by Ms. Lannin and Ms. Sheehan from their own travels abroad. Well done to all involved!

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 The Three Little Pigs - Science Experiment

In Junior Infants, we read the story of the three little pigs. After reading the story we decided to build each of the houses. Each group made a different house. A house out of sticks, bricks and straw. For the house of bricks, we used Lego, for our house of sticks we used match-sticks and for the house of straw we used drinking straws. We had to work together as a team to build each house. Before the wolf came in to visit, we made a prediction. We predicted which house the wold would be able to blow down. The big bad wolf made a visit to the Ladybird class. We were all a little bit frightened until we realised that the wolf was Ms Kelly’s hair dryer. The wolf arrived at the house made of straws first. He blew the straw house down. The wolf arrived at the house of sticks next, he blew the house down. Finally, he got to the house of bricks. The wolf blew and blew but he couldn’t blow down out house of bricks. After the wolf left we had a lot of tidying up to do. To end our lesson Ms Kelly asked us what would we use to build a house. We all said bricks. There will be no wolves blowing down our houses!!!!

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World Book Day 2017

We recently celebrated World Book Day on March 3rd. The children dressed up as their favourite character from a chosen book and the entire school participated in a 1 hour READaTHON. 

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Operation Transformation 10 @ 10

The pupils of Scoil Naomh Fionán participated in a series of P.E activities in January as part of the Operation Transformation 10 @ 10 fitness initiative. Well done to everyone for taking part!

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